United PV Appointed General Consultant for “One Belt One Road”

(Hong Kong, January 18 2017) China’s largest pure solar power plant investor and operator - United Photovoltaics Group Limited ("United PV" or the "Company", together with its affiliated companies, the "Group", stock code: 00686.HK, whose largest shareholder is China Merchants New Energy Group) is pleased to announce that Mr. Zou Yiqiao is appointed as the Company’s General Consultant for the national strategy “One Belt One Road”.

Mr. Zou Yijiao worked as Director in International Cooperation Department of the National Energy Administration. He was responsible for leading and promoting international energy communication and cooperation, negotiating and signing agreements with foreign energy authorities and international energy organizations. He also formulated energy opening-up strategies, plans and policies, coordinated overseas energy development and utilization. Prior to that, Mr. Zou had served in the Power Sector of the Ministry of Water Resources and the State Electricity Regulatory Commission etc.

Having rich working experience and extensive international cooperation networks, Mr. Zou will assist and promote the Group’s cooperation in all aspects with the United Nations in the field of new energy, to further expand the Group’s energy internet business development in China as well as the world, and to make the Group become the new energy representative enterprise of “One Belt One Road”.

Mr. Lu Zhenwei, Executive Director of the Company, said that Mr. Zou’s joining will enhance the core competitiveness of United PV in its internationalization process. He will also work on completing the Group’s investment decision-making process, and strengthening the scientific value by increasing the efficiency and quality of decision-making to optimize the Company’s governance structure.

“One Belt One Road” is not only the realization of the rejuvenation of China, but also the productive path for co-prosperity among countries alongside the proposed “One Belt One Road” routes, the integration of China’s Dream and the World’s Dream. As the leading enterprise in China’s solar power industry, United PV will be actively committed to the national strategy “One Belt One Road”, and become a pioneer as well as representative among other new energy enterprises during the development, and benefit the areas along the “One Belt One Road” routes and rest of the world.


Source United PV Group

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