How is the Silk Road - the Intermodal and Rail Freight Route from China - Shaping Up?

NETHERLANDS – CHINA – There has been much talk in recent times of the initiative 'One Belt, One Road' and of the Silk Road itself but doubt remains in many importers and exporters minds over the concept of an intermodal and rail freight route between China and diverse destinations within Europe. Just how much more expensive is this than ocean carriage? How much quicker and how does it compare to airfreight? 

In Tilburg on September 27 events organisers Het Patronaat will host shippers, logistics providers, lawyers, operators and other experts from all over the world to discuss the current state of affairs on the railway connection between Europe and China. This is the second such event and the New Silk Road Congress offers a range of industry speakers and, for those who do not speak Dutch, translation will be available. 

International speakers include Olga Stepanova, representing RZD Logistics and Larisa Luznetsova, representing UTLC. These speakers, coming from the CIS region, will join a panel discussion with Roland Verbraak of GVT Intermodal. They will talk about recent route developments that reduce transit time and extend the list of destinations. There will also be coverage of cold chain solutions, documentation etc. within the programme. 

The Chinese perspective will be highlighted with the participation of two natives: Letty Zhu of the NHTV Breda Applied Science University and Jialu Zhang of the Chengdu International Railway Investment & Development Group (CIPI). These two women will explain how China is handling the growing volumes of cargo transported via the New Silk Road. 

Logistics providers offer the same service in the ‘Ask me Anything’ panel discussion, which concludes the conference. Representatives of New Silkway Logistics, Nunner Logistics, GVT Intermodal and Karl Gheysen will gather on stage for a 45-minutes Q and A session driven by the audience. 

A full programme of events (in English) can be seen here and registration to attend can be made here.